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Raynaud’s Syndrome: solutions
Raynaud’s Syndrome: solutions

Raynaud’s Syndrome: solutions

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For 5% to 10% of the population, enjoying the great outdoors when it’s cold out can trigger painful episodes in their fingers and toes.

December 16, 2023

These are due to Raynaud’s Syndrome, a vascular disease that affects blood flow to the extremities. Although more frequent in those suffering from arthritis, Raynaud’s Syndrome can affect anyone.

People living with Raynaud’s have heightened sensitivity to temperature (including entering an air-conditioned space from a warm space). Temperature variations cause the blood vessel in the body to constrict, which limits blood flow to fingers, toes, sometimes even to the nose and ears. This leads to paleness of the skin followed by redness and pain. Emotional stress can also trigger Raynaud’s crises.

Periods when temperatures dip below zero are particularly difficult to manage for those living with Raynaud’s. Keeping in mind that an attack can last up to a few hours, it is crucial to keep hand and feet warm in a sustained and comfortable manner. This way, anyone who wishes to practice winter sports, fill up on Vitamin D by walking outside in the winter sun or take a stroll on colder autumn and spring days will enjoy a higher quality of life.

Heated glove liners by ewool heat each finger individually via 3 heat levels. In addition to protecting extremities from the cold, diffused heat improves blood flow, which alleviates symptoms and helps to prevent Raynaud’s attacks. Furthermore, heat relieves joint stiffness in general. It’s a sustainable, accessible and interesting solution when it comes to preventing and soothing the manifestations of this phenomenon.


You can count on heated glove liners and heated sock covers by ewool — they provide several hours of battery autonomy. This way, people living with Raynaud’s can have their mind at ease and effortlessly enjoy everything that winter has to offer.

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