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Choosing the right heated clothing
Choosing the right heated clothing

Choosing the right heated clothing

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Ever heard of “dressing for the occasion”? Here’s your chance to do just that, while taking full advantage of all the pleasures winter has to offer while making zero compromises.

February 8, 2024

When it comes to choosing heated clothing that meets your needs, do you know where to start? Here are the main considerations:

1. Heating capacity

For starters, shop local brands. The reason is simple: heating technology designed by Canadians —who have truly lived through our harsh winters— is adapted to extreme conditions. As a Quebec brand, ewool has tested its products in the freezing Arctic in order to provided unparalleled heat even in bitterly cold weather. These are durable and reliable clothes of exceptional quality. Just to give you an idea, the thermal standard for most heated vests is 7 W, whereas our PRO+ vest features 51 W. What that means is that you’ll stay warm even at -40 °C. Same for our heated accessories meant for extremities, which are 2.5 × more powerful than other products on the market.


2. Heating surfaces

Our PRO+ heated vest features heated panels at the thorax, on the back and in the lumbar area. This smart design provides the most comforting wraparound feeling of warmth out there! We’ve pushed our desire to envelop the body to the extreme: thanks to heated glove liners designed to fit under any glove, each finger is heated individually.

3. Durability, reliability and versatility

Our heated apparel is equipped with 3 heat levels, which means you can travel lighter without compromising on comfort. A single heated vest is all you’ll need for your outdoor activities, at the cottage or on a trip. By the same token, you won’t have to constantly turn the heating on and off, thus minimizing the risk of overheating or burns.


As for the battery, its extra-long autonomy (up to 7 h for the PRO+ vest) allows wearers to prolong outings and experience winter differently. Batteries can be plugged directly to a 12 V CC power source, like the one on a snowmobile. With an adaptor cable, you can even charge it in the car. One thing is for sure: you won’t be cold.

4. Ease of use

The difference lies in the details:

  • Instead of having to remove the battery to charge it, we’ve come up with SnapConnectTM technology that allows people to quickly and magnetically connect their heated glove liners and heated sock covers.

  • Heat level changes are communicated via a vibrating function.

  • Our heated glove liners are touchscreen-friendly. This means your fingers will stay toasty while you use your cell phone on snowy city streets or operate a camera atop a majestic mountain like Guy Bolton.


  • Our heating system is waterproof, sturdy and made of high-quality, durable materials. This makes our heated performance gear machine washable.

About ewool

Designed in Canada, ewool provides best-in-class heating in the coldest conditions. Dependable and easy to use, our innovative clothing technology is made to keep you perfectly warm and well-equipped to perform in the great outdoors.