ewool® PRO+ Heated Vest for Women

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The perfect mid-layer just got more perfect.

The ewool® PRO+ heated vest takes all the advantages of the PRO model to a whole new level. Features include a better battery management system, larger heating elements in the front and back, plus added heating elements in the lumbar region for even more warmth.

5 reasons to choose this vest

5 reasons why you should choose this vest

Best-in-class heating power

When it’s turned all the way up, the ewool PRO+ delivers up to 51W of torso warming power in just 3 seconds. That’s over 20% more heat than our PRO Vest and 7 times more than any of our competitors. Plus, larger heating elements in the front and back and new elements in the lumbar region means more coverage - so you’re warmer than ever.

Up to 7x more heat
Up to 6x more heating

All Day Energy

The PRO+ comes with a powerful 70W flat battery that can power you through any activity. Plus, it features an expandable battery pocket designed to fit our double battery kit which delivers up to 14 hours of continuous heat.

1 battery
2 batteries

*Baseline for battery choice

Connect your vest to 12 V DC power sources like a motorcycle or an external battery for unlimited heating time.

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Effortless charging

Connect your vest to 12 V DC power sources like a motorcycle or an external battery for unlimited heating time.

Fitted Mid-layer

Like the previous generation, the ewool® PRO+ is made with the highest quality materials and designed to maximize heating performance with a snug fit. Large stretch bands on both sides of the vest ensure it comfortably accommodates any body shape. The built-in heating system has a waterproof rating of IP67 to meet our stringent safety standards.

Better battery management

Whether it’s front or back, top or bottom, vertical or horizontal, the PRO+, offers plenty of battery positions to accommodate any activity. Plus, added padding in the lumbar region delivers more comfort when wearing the battery pack in the back.

Vest features

Heated Collar
YKK zipper
Large heating elements
Form fitting stretch bands
Auxiliary power source cable pocket
Control button
Heated Collar
Large heating elements with lumbar zone
Hidden improved battery pocket
Charging port
Controler module
Bouton de contrôle ewool Bouton de contrôle ewool montrant la charge Bouton de contrôle ewool montrant la température élevée Bouton de contrôle ewool montrant la température normale Bouton de contrôle ewool montrant la température normale
ewool® designed in Canada

Designed in Canada

Canadians know about thriving in the cold. ewool® products are designed and tested in Canada. It’s no coincidence we make the most powerful heated wearables in the world.

What’s in the box

Battery life kit:
Heated vest
8h battery kit
4h battery
Universal charger
Compatible charger plug is shipped according to your country

What our customers think

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  • 5
    Life changing

    Posted by Barb Kohl on 2022 Mar 31st

    I purchased a pair of ewool glove liners in December of 2021. I have worn them just about every day since then. I love being outdoors, but my fingers and toes almost always turn white in the cold weather. Not anymore! My hands stay toasty warm now. Shortly after purchasing the glove liners, one of the batteries died. I contacted ewool and they sent out a replacement in a couple of days. Both the product and the service offered by ewool have been exceptional. I highly recommend this product.

  • 5
    Feels like a warm hug

    Posted by Julie Grossman on 2022 Feb 12th

    I got the heated vest as a Christmas gift...and could not be more pleased with this entire item. The construction and quality of the vest are superb. The fit feels like a warm hug when it's heating. I have worn this everyday and could not be happier. (Although I did initially have issues charging the battery both from outside and the pocket charge, their service dept realized it was a faulty battery and sent me a new one....and I have not had one issue since.) I would recommend this product to anyone who spends anytime outside in cooler climates. In fact I have to admit I even wear mine inside the house on occasion. Maybe I just need a warm hug sometimes :). Thank you EWOOL

  • 5

    Posted by Susan on 2022 Feb 11th

    Great vest

  • 5
    Unbelievably awesome team

    Posted by Jose Passalacqua on 2022 Feb 9th

    The ewool team is unbelievably awesome. They have been not only helpful with information but also generous and accommodating in our request. Fast service and excellent quality product. It’s great to do business with people with such high standards in customer satisfaction. Thanks.

  • 5
    The very best brands enjoy

    Posted by Melanie Kau on 2022 Feb 9th

    E-Wool has a quality product,....that you probably already know. But any product, even a perfect one, can at times have issues that need to be worked out. It's how you treat those customers that run into problems, even of their own creation, that makes you different from other companies and worthy of the type of appreciation that the very best brands enjoy. Needless to say, E-Wool came through with flying colours. Even though the ''issue'' was of my own making - a battery that I didn't charge properly - they graciously offered me another one without a second thought. The jacket I bought from them has saved me since I am always cold, having been born into this Canadian winter when really I should be living in Florida. E-Wool comes with me on long walks, or when I'm working on our property in the fall or early winter. I can't say enough good things about the great product they have. Thank you E-Wool!

  • 5
    get the best

    Posted by Mario Beauregard on 2021 Sep 30th

    First of all, service is excellent with the staff at ewool. Quick and easy response with any of your questions. I work as a press photographer for a major newspaper and often I get assignments outdoors.I trust my ewool vest to keep me nice and warm when ever the weather gets cold here in Quebec.The build and materials are of high quality.I have had mine now for 3 years and it still looks like new. Are there cheaper ones ? Yes....but they don't last, they fall apart after a few months or the battery doesn't keep its charge.If you work outdoors and want to have an edge over winter, spend the extra dollars and get the best

  • 5
    Great service folks

    Posted by Frank Sheehan on 2021 Sep 30th

    Great service from the folks at EWool! I had to return a pair of heated gloves because I had bought them too large and the return date had long passed. Nevertheless, they accommodated me with no hassle and no charge. Now that is what I call excellent client service! I also acquired the heated vest and it is just superb. As a snowmobiler, keeps my upper body nice and toasty, even in very cold weather. And the garments are good quality and fit perfectly. Can't wait to see what further products they develop.

  • 5
    Très bon service

    Posted by Marie MC on 2021 Sep 24th

    Très bon service après vente. J’aime beaucoup le confort de ma veste en motoneige ou en Spyder.

  • 5

    Posted by Lynette McKinley on 2021 Sep 16th

    Not only does ewool produce such a quality produce. I found the customer service people extremely helpful

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