Flat-out powerful

ewool® 70W flat battery

Power through the coldest weather without feeling bulky under your coat. Worn with your ewool PRO heated vest, our new 70W flat battery is the perfect balance between size and power.

Order your new flat-out powerful battery today.

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ewool® 70W flat battery being inserted in ewool® PRO heated vest

Pack and wear your new battery with peace of mind.

Conveniently designed to seamlessly fit in the back pocket of your ewool PRO heated vest. Certified UL1642, TSA approved and safe for air travel.

Just slide it in your carry-on and you’re good to go!

ewool® battery is straight up powerful

Straight up powerful

This 70 W battery will keep you going steadily for hours in the most extreme cold. That’s three times more powerful than most 22 W competitor batteries.

With its stunning design, the flat portable battery is 12 mm thick (just slightly over ¼ inch) and up to 4 times thinner than other batteries on the market.

ewool® 70W battery is up to 4 times thinner than other batteries on the mark
Up to 3x more power
Up to 4x thinner
ewool® battery with 32W charger plugged on a wall

Fast charging

The new ewool battery is not only exceptionally flat and powerful but also charges faster. In just 2½ hours the battery is fully charged with the ewool 32W charger. Sold separately.

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ewool® dual battery kit

Twice the power

Double the battery life of your ewool PRO heated vest with our dual battery kit.

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Order your new ewool 70W flat battery today

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ewool® flat battery front view ewool® flat battery side view with charging port ewool® flat battery back view

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    Great battery

    Posted by Charles-Antoine Fournier on 2020 Jun 17th

    This new ewool battery is an improvement to the previous generation. It's flat design fit better my ewool vest plus it's more powerful!


Lithium Polymer




6 300mAh 11.1V
70 Wh


12.6V ⎓ ≤2.5A


11.1V ⎓ ≤3.5A

Product size

Height: 200 mm
Width: 100 mm
Depth: 12 mm

Product weight

380 g


ewool® battery-certification
Made in China

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