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Turn the heat on. Get the job done.

When it comes to heated wearables, nothing compares to ewool®. Its superior degree of technology is loved by people who work for long periods of time in extreme weather conditions. Renowned for its unparalleled heat, ewool® offers efficient, effortless charging, a waterproof heating system and easy care for unequalled performance.

My team has never been happier or more productive with ewool’s® heated vest. It’s really made all the difference. They never have cold hands and feet, and our overall costs for outdoor clothing are lower. You won’t be able to take these jackets off!
François Giroux
, OLYMEL Distribution Manager

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The vest that works for you

When it’s turned up all the way, Your ewool® PRO+ vest delivers up to 51W of torso heating power in just 3 seconds. That’s over 20% more heat than our PRO vest, and 7 times more than our competitors. In addition to larger heating elements in the front and back, the PRO+ features added heating elements in the lumbar region for even more warmth.

Heated glove liner: powerful heat and lasting warmth

Worn as is or layered under your gloves, our heated glove liners are thin, fitted and designed to deliver a superior degree of heat to keep you warm while you work outside. The powerful battery heats each finger individually and delivers 2X more power than the closest competitor.

Charge and GO!

Our batteries are designed to last as long as you do and can be fully and quickly recharged without even removing them from the battery compartment. Even better, each battery is perfectly placed, so they never get in the way which makes your work days more enjoyable and productive.

Energy for the whole work day

Our thin, powerful batteries in our vests and glove liners provide exceptional warmth for the body and hands all day long, even in extreme cold. The set of two batteries in the vest fits in an expandable pocket and emits up to 14 hours of continuous heat.

Hard-working clothes for hard-working people

We’ve utilized the highest quality materials that are flexible, fitted, and easy to care for so you can excel in extreme weather conditions. Moreover, our clothes are machine washable because the heating system is waterproof in accordance with the highest standards. They can even be folded and pressed without compromising performance.

A cold fact

According to the Government of Canada’s Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), heat loss must be offset by an equivalent amount of heat to remain active in the cold. That’s why heated protective clothing is so important. They allow you to save energy and produce heat, from the tips of your fingers to the tops of your toes.

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