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Image of left SnapConnect™ Heated Glove Liner
Image of right SnapConnect™ Heated Glove Liner

Snappier than ever.

Meet our new heated glove liners


New Patented Technology

Featuring our latest innovation, SnapConnect.

After years of developing, testing, trialing and finessing, we’re proud to finally present SnapConnect — the easy way to charge your batteries.

Image showing the SnapConnect Button

Effortless charging

Charge in a snap

We’ve made it easy to power up your batteries with SnapConnect™. Simply snap the plug into the magnetic contact and charge away.

Image showing the SnapConnect charging

Haptic feedback

All the right feels

Our proprietary haptic feedback technology lets you know exactly what level of heat you’re at with the touch of a button.

Image illustrating the haptic feedback

Waterproof heating system

Dry and dry again

Our waterproof heating system is designed to withstand the elements and the washing machine so you never have to worry.

Photo showing water on the button

Touchscreen compatible

The tech touch

Because the last thing you want to do when it’s freezing cold is take your gloves off to use your mobile.

Person with heated glove liners using a touchscreen

Individually heated fingers

Cold comfort

Intelligently designed so each finger is individually heated.

Image showing heat around fingers

Best-in-class heating

More power to you

When it comes to staying warm, nothing beats it.

Up to7hours of warmth


Up to2Xmore heat

than our competitors

Heating system power

ewool® 10W
Competitors 5W

Fits under your gloves

Flex… ability

Made slim for unparalleled dexterity and comfort, our gloves can be worn as is, or if it’s super cold, layered easily under any pair of gloves.

ewool Glove Liners under a glove

NEW FlipMitt

See ya on the flip side

Our new FlipMitt is designed to be worn over our heated glove liners when you need a little more warmth.

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FlipMitts over a glove liner
SnapConnect charging detail

Get the upper hand on cold weather

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