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ewool® Heated Vest for Professionals.

More Powerful.
Simple to use.

ewool® PRO heated vest

ewool® Heated Vest for Professionals

More powerful.
Simple to use.

A perfect heated mid-layer that's both powerful and simple to use.

Extreme cold is no longer an obstacle. Keep warm with the ewool® PRO heated vest, the ultimate life hack for professionals.

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More Powerful

3 sec

Warm up Time

Turn on the power button and feel the full heat in just 3 seconds. The ewool PRO vest generates warmth in light-speed, unlike any other heated vest on the market.

100 %


Full coverage heating elements. Featuring built-in, wraparound heating elements in the back, front and collar of the vest. Instead of just a few small heating pads here and there, you’re all covered.



Our secret? The ewool PRO technology. This high-density internal heating system combined with 42 watts of power produces more heat per square inch than any other technology. Less layers, maximum maneuverability.

Back heating coverage ewool® PRO heated vest
Front heating coverage of ewool® PRO heated vest

Heating zone

ewool® icon simple

Simple to use.

Back pocket battery location on ewool® PRO heated vest
Control button location on ewool® PRO heated vest

Hassle-free Charging

No need to remove the internal battery to charge it. Just plug in the vest using the easy-access charging port.

Accessible Control Button

Conveniently placed at the bottom left of the vest, the control button is easily accessible when wearing it under a jacket or a uniform.

One-button Operation

Two simple settings to control and read the battery life anytime.

Push the control button when the system is off. The LED lights will indicate the battery life.

Just hold the control button 3 seconds to turn the heat ON or OFF.

Simply push the control button to set the heat level. White is for comfortable warmth, red is to boost the heating power.

Inside ewool® PRO vest with battery plugged to auxiliary power cable
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Lasts All Day

For regular use, the battery lasts all day. For heavy use, easily add battery life to your ewool® PRO vest with an additional internal or external battery. The auxiliary cable also enables you to connect your vest to other power sources.

Auxiliary Cable

Compatible with standard 12 V DC power sources such as a motorcycle or an external battery.

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ewool® PRO heated vest laying flat
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The ewool® PRO vest can be worn under a uniform or a jacket without feeling bulky. The thin, stretch-fit design allows for a snug fit, keeping the heat comfortably close to your body.

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Rugged Design

The ewool® PRO vest is made with highest-quality fabric and materials. The built-in ewool PRO heated liner can bend and compress without compromising vest performance. Made strong for heavy use.

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Machine Washable

After removing the battery, the ewool® PRO vest can be washed regularly and will keep working and looking great.

Perfect for Riders

The ewool® heated vest with the dual power source system allows you to tap into your snowmobile or motorcycle 12 V power, maintaining a full charge while you ride. When you unplug, the battery continues to provide abundant heat even in extreme cold.

Learn more - motorcycle Learn more - snowmobile

Great for work

Purposefully simplified for worker efficiency, you get instantaneous, all-day heat with maximum maneuverability. The ewool® Heated Vest will keep you warm and productive in the cold. It is designed to be worn under a jacket as a mid-layer in close contact with your body, without feeling bulky.

ewool® designed in Canada

Designed in Canada

Inspired by the muskox, one of the rare Canadian Arctic animals highly adapted to sub-zero temperatures, it is our inspiration for our heated vest.

We can safely say Canadians know a thing or two when it comes to surviving extreme cold. The ewool® PRO heated vest is designed and tested in Canada. It’s no coincidence we make the warmest, battery operated, heated vest in the world.

Heated Vest with ewool® PRO

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Battery and charger

Activated by the ewool® PRO technology, this liner is by far the most powerful heated vest on the market. This vest created for professionals is made strong for heavy use. The ewool® PRO Heated Vest is designed to comfortably fit under any jackets. 

In addition to the internal 60W ewool® Lithium Battery (included), the auxiliary cable can be plugged into other 12V DC power sources or an additional external battery.

Charging this vest is hassle-free because there is no need to remove the internal battery to charge it. Just plug-in the vest using its charging port (the charger is included).

The control button allows you to adjust the temperature and read the charging level, anytime.

Fire up your ewool® PRO heated vest and feel the full heat in just 3 seconds.

Designed in Canada to withstand extreme cold - The warmest heated vest in the world.

What’s the difference between yours and others on the market?

  • A lot more powerful (45 W vs 7 W of power). Very, very warm!
  • Full coverage of heating panels vs just a few square inches.
  • Warm-up in less than 10 seconds instead of over 5 minutes.
  • Very simple to operate and the control button location is easily accessible even under any jackets, rain coat or safety vest.
  • Hassle-free charging. You charge the vest. No need to remove the battery.
  • Powered by standard 12 V DC current. The vest could be powered by an internal battery and/or any 12v DC external source (12v DC harness sold separately).
  • Made rugged for heavy use. Washable and waterproof.
  • Designed and tested in Canada.
9 3/4”
(24.5 cm)
10 1/4”
(26 cm)
10 3/4”
(27.5 cm)
11 1/4”
(28.5 cm)
19 1/2”
(49 cm)
(53.5 cm)
(56 cm)
23 1/2”
(60 cm)
19 1/2”
(49 cm)
(53.5 cm)
(56 cm)
23 1/2”
(60 cm)
23 1/2”
(59.5 cm)
24 1/2”
(61.5 cm)
25 1/2”
(64.5 cm)
26 1/2”
(67.5 cm)

How to measure

  1. Shoulder: Measure shoulder to shoulder across the front chest, keeping the tape measure firm and level.
  2. Chest: Measure at the fullest part of the chest, under the armpits and over the shoulder blades, keeping the tape measure firm and level.
  3. Hips: Measure around the natural hip line, allowing the tape measure to sit comfortably.
Image of ewool heated vest mesurements

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  • 5
    L'hiver n'est plus pareil

    Posted by Norbert Desmeules on 2018 Dec 31st

    J’arrive d’une marche dehors, je me pensais en Floride! C’est capotant votre veste chauffante. Ce n’est pas croyable qu’il puisse sortir autant de chaleur que ça. Merci encore très apprécié. Je pense vraiment que tout le monde au Canada devrait avoir cette veste… L’hiver serait plus supportable.

  • 5
    My staff is happy and more productive!

    Posted by François Giroux on 2018 Dec 21st

    My team has never been happier and more productive. Keeping their core warm with the ewool Heated Vest has made all the difference. They no longer have cold hands and feet and we have a lower overall freezer workwear cost. You couldn’t tear the vest away from us!

  • 5
    Better than expected

    Posted by Waver Raymond on 2018 Dec 18th

    Only once in a while are we given a product that’s as good and better than the ads and pictures. Being a railroad conductor and playing in our winters with fishing and snowmobiling fun. So easy to use, and even easier to see its incredible quality and functionalities.

  • 5
    High End Heated Vest

    Posted by Derek Kater on 2018 Dec 7th

    I was lucky to get the vest in January 2018 and it made a huge difference to my winter experience this year and no doubt will make things easier and more comfortable for the next 5 months. I would strongly recommend this vest for anyone working in Canada and any other country with cold and frigid winters.

  • 5
    You were right

    Posted by Pat Pittman on 2018 Nov 28th

    Received the vest and have been using it for a few days now, all’s going well so far. You were right these vests "changes everything”

  • 5
    I love my vest

    Posted by Natasha Thomas on 2018 Nov 9th

    I knew I would like the vest since I'm always cold, but it really exceeds my expectations, It heats up super fast and it does make a really big difference in my comfort. I even wear it inside. I suggest getting 2 batteries so you always have one ready.

  • 5
    Perfect for biking and working out doors!!

    Posted by Joshua Adriance on 2018 Oct 18th

    I bike 1,000's of miles per year and work out side almost every day. This jacket has been, by far, my favorite jacket to where in cold conditions. It's just a simple smart design that I don't have to worry about learning to use. I love the slenderness of the vest because it can be worn under other layers if needed. I can tell the quality is high and design is well thought out. Looking forward to facing winter now!

  • 5

    Posted by Alain Desmeules on 2018 Oct 16th

    I use it every day! It is by far the warmest heated vest on the market. I also find it very convenient to not have to remove the battery for charging... I just plug the vest at night and I'm ready to go in the morning. Great product!

  • 5
    It changed everything!

    Posted by Erin DeSantis on 2018 Oct 16th

    I love its simplicity and that it is so easy to use/charge. But most of all, it is the warmest heated vest and the most comfortable so far. I own 2 heated vests already but the other ones are not as efficient, they are more like gizmos... not this one! I wish I would’ve purchased an Ewool Pro first. This is a serious upgrade that keeps me warm no matter how cold it is...don’t hesitate, it’s a good investment.