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Guy Bolton, photographer
Guy Bolton, photographer

Guy Bolton, photographer

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Whether he’s paragliding through the Alps or climbing the Himalayas, Guy Bolton relies on ewool heated clothing to keep him warm and comfortable from start to finish. In the world’s harshest conditions, it’s a game changer he can’t live without.

October 4, 2023
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The Heated Clothing Chronicles

Outdoor adventures in the extreme

There aren’t many people who would risk life and limb to get their job done. Or, for that matter, willingly do it over and over again. For Guy Bolton, that peril is par for the course. As an outdoor adventure photographer, he’s been to some extreme locations with unbelievably challenging weather conditions. With every click of his camera, Bolton has skillfully captured unbelievable moments of raw beauty, giving us an exclusive glimpse of places that many dream of, but few get to visit.

The interest in photography for me is that there’s a kind of geeky tech side to it, there’s a really human storytelling element, and the artistic side.

Building a career in outdoor adventures

Bolton has amassed an impressive resume of experiences in his relatively short career. He’s worked as a Rescue Aviation Firefighter and spent months on assignment embedded in the world’s busiest helicopter rescue service. As an avid paraglider, he has landed on Western Europe's highest peak, Mont Blanc, flown in the Himalayas, and reached the 8,516 m (27,940 ft.) high Lhotse. He’s cycled solo from England to the Alps and photographed skydivers beside Mt Everest. In a career trajectory that has taken him to the most breathtaking corners of the world, he's aimed his lens at the Himalayas, capturing their towering beauty frame by frame and focused his creative eye on the breathtaking grandeur of the Alps. By all accounts, it’s a diverse and exciting journey that continues to unfold with each new adventure.

One of the best parts of the job is that you get to step into the world of some incredibly talented athletes and share a little bit of what it really feels like to be in places that are usually inaccessible.

Embracing every challenge

From the looks of things, Bolton will never take the easy way out when it comes to work ethic. As he has said, “sometimes you really want the weather to be terrible, because it can make for the most interesting content.” Not surprisingly, trying to capture the essence of these destinations in a photograph is laden with challenges. The extreme altitude, hazardous terrain, and unforgiving weather conditions can make simple tasks far more challenging. If those obstacles weren’t daunting enough, there’s the threat of avalanches, the limited resources, and the crucial need to be able to think on your feet when things don’t go to plan.

Clearly, navigating these hurdles and getting to your intended location is no small feat. And Bolton is quick to acknowledge that it often wouldn’t be possible without the support of a great team. “At 8,000 metres high, you’re very reliant on the expertise of Sherpas, high altitude porters and a local team who know how to run logistics in such an extreme environment.”

Using the right gear in any of these conditions is not just a matter of professional preference, it’s a necessity. And protecting it is vital. As Bolton puts it, “a huge amount of work goes into making sure every piece of equipment is up to the job.”


Preparation and equipment are key

In freezing weather conditions, Bolton often relies on heated clothing to complete assignments. Whether it’s the ability to quickly adapt to changing temperatures with heated vests, or the dexterity to adjust camera equipment with heated gloves, it’s no exaggeration to say they’re an indispensable part of his gear bag.

In fact, Bolton shared a pivotal moment during a shoot on the slopes of Lhotse. To capture a once-in-a-lifetime shot of a sunrise on the adjacent Mt Everest, he removed his gloves to clear ice from his camera without thinking that it was -35 degrees celsius. He quickly realized that the ability to rewarm your fingers at this altitude and in this kind of extreme cold is seriously compromised. People lose fingers in these conditions. Thankfully, he had a secret weapon: ewool’s heated gloves turned a potentially harrowing moment into nothing more than a good story to look back on.

According to Bolton, “That's the sort of environment where you really need an active heating element or a method that isn't just putting more insulation on because the heat's not already there. You're not going to create it yourself. You need something active like heated gloves.”

This remarkable experience demonstrates how innovative clothing like ewool's heated gloves, heated vests and heated socks can be the difference between capturing nature's wonders and succumbing to its harsh realities.

I’ve experimented with other heated gear, but the thing that always brings me back to ewool’s heated clothing is that I know it’s going to work.

The benefits of ewool’s heating clothing

Of course, it’s not just the heated gloves that Bolton relies on. ewool’s heated vest has been another essential component for the photographer, enabling him to push boundaries and thrive in the harshest environments. “The first time I used ewool’s gear, I was living in my van in the Alps during a particularly cold winter. I think I wore it pretty much non-stop for about 2 months through the winter. It was a game changer there. And then obviously that kind of opened the door to applying to work.”

It doesn’t take much of a leap to see how the extraordinary warmth of ewool’s vest can make a significant difference when you’re climbing mountains in extremely cold temperatures. The PRO+ vest features strategically placed heating elements in the front, back, collar, and lumbar area to keep your entire torso nice and toasty. It also has a thin, powerful battery that can deliver up to 7 hours of power. Plus, it provides three levels of heat, so you can easily adjust the temperature up and down depending on the weather conditions. The bottom line is that no matter how cold it gets, you’ll always be warm.

Heated clothing for all levels of adventurers

The extraordinary capabilities of ewool may be tailor made for Bolton's expeditions, but the innovative heated clothing isn’t reserved solely for daring exploits in locations like Mount Everest. The heated vest, heated gloves and heated socks are also designed to deliver the same essential warmth and comfort for more down-to-earth activities. So, whether you’re braving a cold winter's day on the ski hill, or simply strolling through the city, you can always count on ewool’s proven features to keep you nice and warm.

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