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Flat-out powerful.

Power through the coldest weather without feeling bulky under your coat


Wear with peace of mind.

The 70W flat battery is designed to seamlessly fit in the back pocket of your ewool PRO heated vest. Meeting the rigorous UL1642 certification, you can safely wear it. It’s also TSA approved for air travel.


Flat and Powerful

This 70 W battery will keep you going steadily for hours in the most extreme cold. That’s three times more powerful than most 22 W competitor batteries.

With its stunning design, the flat portable battery is 12 mm thick (just slightly over ¼ inch) and up to 4 times thinner than other batteries on the market.

up to3xmore power
up to4xthinner

Fast charging

The new ewool battery is not only exceptionally flat and powerful but also charges faster. In just 2½ hours the battery is fully charged with the ewool 32W charger. Sold separately.

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Twice the power

Double the battery life of your ewool PRO heated vest with our dual battery kit.

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To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your battery, we recommend to avoid leaving the battery connected to the charger for extended periods. Ideally, recharge the battery after each use, such as at the day's end, and avoid letting it fully discharge before recharging. Never restart the jacket when the battery is empty to avoid complete drainage. When storing, disconnect the battery from the garment and fully recharge it beforehand. Additionally, every three to four months, recharge it again to maintain its capacity effectively. These practices will help preserve the battery's lifespan and ensure consistent performance.
All ewool batteries are TSA-friendly. Please remember that, like laptops and camera batteries, all ewool batteries are lithium-ion and must be carried in your carry-on luggage.
You can use the 18W USB-C Flat Battery to charge your phone.
Ewool batteries are specially designed to be compatible with other ewool products. If you own heating clothing from another brand, check with their seller to see if other batteries can be used with their clothing.
No. Not all ewool batteries work with all styles. However, the 22W battery works with our heated accessories including our Heated Glove Liners and Heated Sock Covers.
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