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The perfect Heated Glove Liner

The ewool® heated glove liner outperforms as a standalone on cold, dry days but also layers easily in more demanding conditions under any pair of gloves.

Unparalleled heating power and battery life

Its powerful battery is designed to deliver up to 30% more power and 2 times more heat to keep you thriving for hours, even in the most extreme cold.

Individually heated fingers

Our powerful heating elements run around every finger, keeping them toasty. The stretch-fit design enables you to perform manual tasks with dexterity.

Easy charging without removing the batteries

Just plug in the glove liners using the easy-access charging port. No need to remove the batteries when charging.

Touchscreen compatible

Your fingers stay warm while using your touchscreen device in the cold.

Water resistant and hand washable

Keep your glove liners clean with peace of mind. Electronic components have the waterproof rating IP67 and are made of durable, easy-to-maintain fabrics.

Easy to use

Three heating settings with easy-to-control buttons.

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