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The Metro Heated Vest stands apart from other heated vests as it offers up to 5 hours of continuous heat. This makes it perfect for transitional layering and day-to-day activities in the city. The vest uses ewool's compact yet most powerful battery, delivering 2.5X more heat than its competitors. Plus, the polar fleece construction allows you to wear it as a stylish outer layer or layer it underneath any coat or jacket.
Our Metro Heated Vest is designed for milder weather, and our PRO+ is designed for the coldest conditions. This makes the Metro Heated Vest ideal as a fall-to-winter transitional item or for day-to-day use like commuting in the city or early morning dog walks.
The latest Metro Heated Vest offers several key features. The vest offers up to 5 hours of continuous heat, providing long-lasting warmth for cold-weather activities. It features a patented haptic button, allowing you to check the current heat level with a simple touch. Additionally, the high-quality construction makes it versatile and durable, able to handle all weather conditions.
The Metro Heated Vest comes with an 18W USB-C flat battery featuring a 10,000mAh capacity, which provides up to 5 hours of heating power.
ewool Heated Clothing is designed to function as a mid-layer. Ideally, wear your heated vest over a base layer and beneath your favourite coat. It is recommended that the heated vest fit snugly against the body to maximize heating performance.
For the optimal heating experience, ewool suggests wearing a base layer under your heated garment.
The 18W Metro Vest is designed for outdoor activities in milder climates, offering a light level of warmth. It serves as a compact and adaptable essential, ideal for layering purposes. You can use it alone as a lightweight outerwear option or as a functional layer for commuting and navigating city streets.
Yes! Our heated vest batteries are TSA-friendly. And all ewool batteries are lithium, so they must be kept in your carry-on for safety.
We designed our heated vests with waterproof panels (IP67) to protect the technology from the elements. For full rain protection, we recommend wearing our heated vests under a waterproof shell.
Yes! ewool Heated Clothing is designed to function as a mid-layer. Ideally, wear the heated vest over a base layer and beneath your favourite coat. It is recommended that the vest be fitted snugly against the body to maximize performance. The stretch bands on the sides of the vest accommodate various body shapes.
One of the advantages of ewool's Metro Heated Vest is its ability to extend your outdoor activity time, even in the coldest weather. Whether hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing or simply enjoying the outdoors, the heat provided by the Metro Heated Vests allows you to stay comfortable and make the most of your time outside.
When storing your heated vest for an extended period, it is recommended to disconnect the batteries from the garment. Before storing, make sure to recharge the batteries fully. It's also good practice to recharge them every three months to ensure they maintain a sufficient charge. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your batteries remain in good condition and ready for use whenever you need them.
First, always remove the battery from the garment. Machine wash separately in cold water with mild detergent. Line dry or tumble dry on low heat. Waterproof components (IP67) are used in the heating systems to ensure long-term durability and protection.
Powering your Metro Heated Vest is quick and efficient with the 18W USB-C Flat Battery. Its impressive 10,000 mAh capacity and rapid 18W PD USB-C input/output only take 2 hours to charge fully.
The Metro Heated Vest features a convenient control button that lets you switch between three heat levels with a simple touch. And our haptic system lets you know what temperature you are enjoying.
You can recharge your battery in under 2 hours for minimal downtime between uses. Our battery is also seamlessly compatible with all your USB-C chargers, so you can keep it powered up and ready to go.
ewool's Metro Heated Vest 18W Flat Battery offers up to 300 charging cycles for reliable performance during all your adventures.
It takes only 3 seconds for our Metro Heated Vest to warm up.
Yes! The metro vest is ideal for all outdoor activities, including skiing. Our Metro Heated Vest power lasts up to 5 hours, whereas the PRO+ Heated Vest lasts up to 14 hours with the dual battery kit.
It comes with three items: the Metro Heated Vest, 18W USB-C flat battery, and the charger for your battery.
The Metro Heated Vest is perfect for all cold-weather outdoor adventures as leisure wear around the city. With three heat settings to choose from, it's ideal for all seasons, from fall to winter to spring.
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