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Several features set the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest apart from other heated vests on the market. It boasts a thin battery that fits conveniently in the vest's front or back for maximum comfort. It also offers 7X more power and 6X more heating coverage than competitors to deliver warmth to the front, back, neck, and lumbar region. Finally, PRO+ is constructed using high-quality materials resistant to harsh conditions but also machine-washable and easy to maintain to ensure long-lasting use.
Some of the new features you can enjoy with the new generation of the PRO+ are an enhanced battery management system allowing you to place batteries horizontally or vertically in the front pocket or at the back of the vest for extra versatility and comfort. The new generation of the PRO+ also offers improved heating power with larger heating elements in the front and back, along with extra heating elements in the lumbar region.
The latest PRO+ Heated Vest features strategically placed heating elements in the front, back, and lumbar region. The vest has a powerful 51W output; it warms up in just three seconds. The slim 70W battery offers up to 7 hours of continuous heat, and you can easily adjust the heat to three different levels of warmth. The vest has two convenient battery pockets and a stretch-fit design for maximum comfort.
The PRO+ Heated Vest includes a powerful 70W flat battery that provides up to 7 hours of power with a single battery. But you can add an extra battery and enjoy up to 14 hours of heating power with our dual battery kit.
The PRO+ Heated Vest is designed to be worn as a mid-layer. Wear the heated vest over a base layer and underneath your favourite coat for optimal use. We recommend that the vest fits snugly against your body. The stretch bands on the vest's sides allow for flexibility and accommodate different body shapes.
For the optimal heating experience, ewool suggests wearing a merino (or other natural fiber) baselayer under your heated garment.
Yes! The PRO+ vest is designed in Canada and has been extensively tested in the Arctic by those who brave extreme conditions! It's built to withstand harsh winter environments and deliver the ultimate warmth you need.
Yes! Our heated vest batteries are TSA-friendly. And all ewool batteries are lithium-polymer, so they must be kept in your carry-on for safety.
We designed our heated vests with waterproof panels (IP67) to protect the technology from the elements. For full rain protection, we recommend wearing our heated vests under a waterproof shell.
Yes. ewool Heated Clothing is designed to function as a mid-layer. Ideally, wear the heated vest over a base layer and beneath your favourite coat. It is recommended that the vest be fitted snugly against the body to maximize performance. The stretch bands on the sides of the vest accommodate various body shapes.
Our PRO+ Heated Vest extends your outdoor time with its thermo-regulation technology. It keeps you nice and warm even when it's cold out! You can use it if you are working outdoors, enjoying leisure activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, or even for daily use whenever you need extra warmth and comfort.
When storing your heated vest for an extended period, it is recommended to disconnect the batteries from the garment. Before storing, make sure to recharge the batteries fully. It's also good practice to recharge them every three months to ensure they maintain a sufficient charge. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your batteries remain in good condition and ready for use whenever you need them.
First, always remove the battery from the garment. Machine wash separately in cold water with mild detergent. Line dry or tumble dry on low heat. Waterproof components (IP67) are used in the heating systems to ensure long-term durability and protection.
You can easily charge your heated vest without removing batteries. Just connect the 32W charger to the vest's plug-in port.
The PRO+ Heated Vest features a convenient control button that lets you effortlessly switch between three heat levels with a simple touch. The light indicator ensures you are always aware of the warmth level you're enjoying.
It only takes up to 3-4 hours to fully charge your PRO+ Heated Vest's battery. Enjoy warmth quickly and conveniently!
ewool's PRO+ Heated Vest 70W Flat Battery offers up to 600 charging cycles for reliable performance during all your adventures.
When it’s turned all the way up, the ewool PRO+ Heated Vest delivers up to 51W of torso warming power in just 3 seconds.
Yes! The PRO+ Heated Vest is designed for all outdoor adventures, such as skiing, motorcycling, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, boating, and more!
The PRO+ Heated Vest includes a 70W flat battery and a 32W charger which offers up to 7 hours of heating power. Purchasing a dual battery kit includes two batteries which provide up to 14 hours of heating power.
At ewool, all our products are proudly backed by our one-year warranty when used appropriately, following ewool's prescribed guidelines. The warranty begins on the original date of purchase. It is exclusively available to the original buyer of products purchased directly from the ewool website or its authorized retailers and distributors. We meticulously craft our products to deliver unparalleled performance and are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products. Should any warranty-related concerns arise, please visit our support page, or contact our dedicated customer support team.
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Designed in Canada

Tested in the Arctic, ewool provides best-in-class heating in the coldest conditions. Dependable and easy to use, our innovative heated clothing technology is made to keep you perfectly warm and well equipped to perform in the great outdoors.